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how to control pollution in children's rooms
about 2 years ago

It is the wish of every parent to let children grow up healthily. Parents always want to provide children with better, that is, safer. Especially the decoration of the children's room has already been put on the agenda of parents. In the decoration and decoration materials of children's rooms, wall decoration materials are one of the major pollution sources in the decoration, and the formaldehyde and benzene contained in them are major killers that endanger children's health. We have interviewed relevant home furniture manufacturer to teach you how to control pollution in children's rooms.

 children's rooms furinture

Choice of light in children's room:


It is better to use natural light in children's rooms. Make sure the room is airy and bright. Bright light can make the child's heart cheerful and make him feel safe; ventilation can make the child have a good breathing environment. And try not to use air conditioning, so as not to rely on the body too much air conditioning, so that its own immune regulation system can not play a normal role.


Children's room furniture selection:


It should be separated from adult furniture. When buying, it must be noted that it is used by children. The scale is better to match the height of the child. For example, writing desks and chairs can be automatically adjusted. This will help prevent problems such as kyphosis and myopia in children, and will have a great impact on the spine of children. In addition, children's beds are better than hardboard beds. Do not choose soft mattresses such as Simmons. This will affect the normal growth of children's bones. In the selection of materials, the floor and furniture of the children's room should try to choose solid wood, and the curtains should also buy cotton curtains.


The wall material of children's room is preferably diatom mud:


The decoration of the children's room should be conducive to the cultivation of children's character. Don't put too fancy wallpaper on the wall, it is easy for children to be upset and irritable. Don't post strange monster patterns, it's easy to make children's behaviors become quaint. Some pictures of fighting are better not to post, it is easy for children to have a good fighting spirit. According to children's hobbies, some decorative drawings and artwork drawings can be posted to cultivate children's artistic cells and appreciation. At the same time, you can also post some landscape paintings, etc., to cultivate an open, quiet mind.


The use of diatom mud in the wall material of the children's room is preferred. In Japan, diatom mud has become the preferred decoration material for kindergartens and children's rooms. In recent years, my country's building materials companies have introduced diatom mud. It is understood that diatom mud wall material can create a more comfortable growth space for children. While adsorbing harmful substances, the micropores on the surface will continuously absorb and release moisture as the indoor temperature changes. At the same time, the diatom mud will decompose water molecules into positive and negative ion groups and float in the air, which has a strong sterilization ability. At the same time, the fine pores of diatom mud can also greatly reduce the propagation of sound waves in the air, so its sound insulation and noise reduction effects are very significant, which can improve the quality of children's sleep. In addition, the diatom mud is toned with inorganic pigments, and the color is soft, which plays a role in protecting children's eyesight.


Inspection before check-in is important:


The main sources of pollution in children's rooms are furniture in children's rooms, toys often touched by children and some decorative materials in the room. Children's toys are another important cause of pollution in children's rooms. Some toys, due to problems with materials or manufacturing processes, make the toys themselves contaminated with formaldehyde, benzene series and other contaminants. These substances rely on volatilization and penetration, causing direct or indirect harm to children's health through breathing and contact. This requires a professional testing agency to check the environmental protection standards of the house before moving in.

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